Lantai-Csont Gergely

Lantai-Csont Gergely


In the past few years our articles have been published in various magazines, covering exotic, mostly African topics illustrated with professional photography. The life of the Afars was presented in the National Geographic, Senegali fishermen in the Explorer, and the lives of African women in Marie Claire. Our topics are unique, only exploring such social or religious questions that Europeans are not widely aware of, and therefore the information available is scarce. In the center of our attention is Africa, the cradle of humankind. After dozens of publications, our articles are finally available both in English and German. My personal philosophy – Gergely Lantai-Csont founder, photographer. Why Aytassou? “I have been staying with armed, Muslim shepherds, the Afras in North-East Ethiopia for three weeks, when one night my host asked if I would like to accompany him to their tribe's border patrol the next day. I said yes, so he told me he would have to give me an Afar name, because only real Afars could be on armed on the borders. That is how I became Aytassou, 'the foreign man'”. Since then they call me so everywhere in Africa, and this name, its African origin, reflects the philosophy, which I follow on my expeditions. The only way to capture the real moments, the real life of the tribes is to become a member of the community, so I try to become one of them, whether that means becoming a member of a tribe or a religious cult. This is how I can bring new stories to Europe to hundreds of thousands of readers, this is how I can immortalize moments, emotions, life stories. Aytassou is one of them, lives, wakes in the morning and goes to sleep at night with them, eats and drinks according to their tradition. This is how we learn to trust and respect each other, how they feel comfortable sharing their secrets with me. Whether it is a tribe in North-East Ethiopia or Angola, soldiers of a religious cult in Senegal, or orphans of a civil war. All of these stories are one of a kind, and could not be captured in any other moment. This is my philosophy, as a private person and as a representative of the company.

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